Pelagraph’s services allow you to step back and consider how organisational and individual people practices support your organisational goals and implement initiatives to increase competency and capability.

Career and Leadership Coaching

Whether trying to manage the churn of everyday working life, with all its competing priorities, or considering future opportunities and career development, it can be difficult to find the space and time for a meaningful focus on ourselves. Working with a coach can help to ensure that we are open to change, that we consider new and different ways of working and that we approach challenges with a spirit of curiosity. 

As an International Coach Federation credentialed coach Danielle works with individuals and small groups to help them focus their efforts, overcome challenges and achieve goals. Danielle can also work with you to develop and implement an internal coaching program that meets the needs of your organisation.

Leadership Development

Organisations need leaders who are insightful, curious, informed, courageous and resilient to navigate challenges with creative solutions.

Danielle works to develop leaders’ skill and confidence in engaging with their people, from recruitment to goal setting, coaching, recognition and performance management. Using a variety of tools and delivery methods including workshop facilitation, coaching, competency development, 360-degree feedback and practice frameworks. Helping to ensure that leaders’ efforts are meaningful and drive individuals, teams and organisational goals.

Talent Management

Identifying, motivating and developing the people who can drive your organisation towards its goals can be challenging. Talent management employs strategic activities including needs analysis, competency and potential mapping, career pathways and professional development to ensure that you get the best from your people while providing them with engaging career opportunities.

Danielle can work with you to assess your current talent management approach, revise or develop a talent management framework and undertake career development activities with individuals and teams.

Change Management

The organisation in change is fast becoming the norm. Changes are increasing in complexity, and the time between one and the next is getting shorter. While people ultimately adapt (or move on) effective change management and communication can help to ensure increased engagement and minimise lost productivity.

Danielle can work with your leaders to help them understand and manage their own reaction to change and support their people to navigate the various challenges change presents. Danielle can assist you in developing change communication strategy that aligns with organisational goals and values and helps your people to better understand and accept change.